Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada

Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada,Cesta Ovalada Color Plateado Alessi, Color Plateado: Hogar,Alessi Cesta Ovalada, Buen producto bajo precio compre lo que ama Satisfacción garantizada, compras felices! Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada Color.

Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada

Alessi Cesta Ovalada, Color Plateado: Hogar. Designer: Pierre Charpin 。 Dimensions: cm 26.00 x 20.00x h. 6.00 。 Oval basket in 18/10 stainless steel, mirror polished. 。 In 18/10 stainless steel 。 Mirror polished 。 Design Pierre Charpin,Oval basket in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished , basket of 80 mirror-polished rods with unexpected light effects. The fascinating rhythmic shape created by the closely placed ribs in mirror-polished steel that form the "PCH02" Baskets (1), "PCH04" Tray (2) and "PCH05" Fruit bowl (3) -presented between 2011 and 2013 -returns in two more articles by Pierre Charpin. "PCH06" (4) is an Oval basket that now flanks the existing round ones, and "PCH05/30", a large Fruit bowl measuring 30 cm across (5), which joins the 24 cm version presented in 2013. Two further versions of these elegant containers, the designer's contemporary interpretation of the classic eighteenthnineteenth century "gallery" trays. Produced in stainless steel, these articles look like fences made with a series of vertical elements, topped by a rim (6) running right around the edge, raised by a few millimetres. Manufacturing details that exude a sensation of rich construction. The vertical elements are laser-welded separately to the upper rim, enhancing the formality of these sophisticated articles. . 。 。 。

Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada
Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada
Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada
Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada
Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada
Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada
Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada

Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada

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Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada

Color Plateado: Hogar,Alessi Cesta Ovalada, Buen producto bajo precio compre lo que ama Satisfacción garantizada, compras felices!
Color Plateado Alessi Cesta Ovalada